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  • Nickel 200, Ni-200 Alloy, N02200 Nickel-Based Alloy: Seamless and Welded Tubes
Nickel 200, Ni-200 Alloy, N02200 Nickel-Based Alloy: Seamless and Welded Tubes

Nickel 200, Ni-200 Alloy, N02200 Nickel-Based Alloy: Seamless and Welded Tubes

 Nickel 200, also known as Ni-200 Alloy or N02200, is a pure nickel-based alloy that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion in a wide range of environments. Its unique composition and mechanical properties make it suitable for numerous industrial applications, particularly in the production of seamless and welded tubes.

Chemical Composition:

Nickel 200 is composed primarily of nickel, with trace amounts of carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, iron, copper, and other elements. This pure nickel composition ensures high corrosion resistance and ductility, making it ideal for tubing applications.

Mechanical Properties:

Nickel 200 alloy exhibits high ductility and toughness, along with excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. It maintains its mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures and demonstrates good weldability.

Heat Treatment Status:

Nickel 200 tubing is typically supplied in the annealed condition, which ensures optimal ductility and corrosion resistance. Annealing removes internal stresses and improves the material's workability.

Dimensional Range:

Nickel 200 alloy tubing is available in a wide range of sizes, from small-diameter precision tubing to large-diameter industrial pipes. Both seamless and welded tubes are available, meeting specific dimensional tolerances and lengths.


Nickel 200 tubing finds widespread use in various industries, including chemical processing, petroleum refining, power generation, and marine applications. Its resistance to corrosion, particularly in harsh environments, makes it a preferred material for handling corrosive fluids and gases.

TJC Steel Supply Cases:

TJC Steel has extensive experience supplying Nickel 200 alloy tubing to diverse industries. We have successfully provided seamless and welded tubes to chemical plants, oil and gas companies, and power stations, among others. Our products have demonstrated reliable performance in corrosive environments, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

In conclusion, Nickel 200, Ni-200 Alloy, or N02200 nickel-based alloy tubing offers a reliable solution for demanding applications where corrosion resistance and ductility are crucial. With its exceptional chemical composition, mechanical properties, and heat treatment options, it remains a popular choice for tubing applications across various industries. TJC Steel's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures reliable supply of Nickel 200 alloy tubing for a wide range of uses.

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